New Year`s Outfits


img_0802img_0804img_0805img_0806This outfit is for the trendy but relaxed girl. I would have to say this describes my style to the T. The motorcycle with a touch of faux fur gives it more of a fashion forward appeal. The oxfords definitely take it to a new level by not having your average heel. To the girls that feel like the sparkle and sequins skirts and dresses aren’t for you. Then this is the look to go for.

Jacket – Peebles

Sweater , pants,and backpack – Catos

Socks – SheIn

Oxfords – Zooshoo



This is the for girl who loves to be cute and have fun but is always working. Yes, for some of us our laptops are our best friends. A tulle skirt is still an essential this season. Weather it be a t-shirt, button down, or bodysuit, these skirts can be used to complete any look. This outfit is appropriate for a night out or (if you are like me) church. Who else had watch night service for the New Year ?.

Bodysuit – Peebles

Skirt – Charlotte Russe

Shoes – Ebay



This would have to be one of my all time favorites. It is so trendy but also a taste of my personal style. Metallic and velvet are huge in the trends for fashion this season.  The choker, blazer, an boots are velvet. The simplicity of it all makes it even more stunning. This is for the girl who loves the glam but also needs to stay warm. This is perfect for a New Years get together.

Choker – Wetseal

Dress – Cato

Blazer- Thrifted

Boots – Catos

     Happy New Year everyone !


*Nothing is sponsored. Everything is bought with my money*

Photos by : J Photo and Company


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