Inspired by menswear

Mix prints with a chic and smart approach


This is for the girl who is, like me, obsessed with the menswear trend. You can never go wrong with a crisp button down and a printed pair of trousers. I get easily bored with just a plain button down paired with a plain pair of trousers. So, in this look I decided to pair this button down with a pair of plaid trousers to wake up the look a little. To make the look more me I decided to put on a bowtie. I am obsessed with bowties and take every opportunity I can to wear one. A vest is always a good alternative to a blazer. Finally, lets be honest you can never go wrong with a new shiny pair of oxfords. This outfit is appropiate for any occasion.

Bowtie – Ebay

Button down – Peebles

Vest – Peebles

Trousers – JcPenny

Oxfords – Forever 21

Menswear : A Woman`s Perspective


This is for that girl that loves menswear but dose not want to loose that feminine touch within the outfit. Most of this outfit is still within the menswear category. You have the traditional button down paired with a pair of trousers, but I wanted to make it more me once again with a print on the trousers. The heels definitely allows a feeling of a lady while being a boss at the same time. This outfit is perfect for the lady entrepreneur or the lady in the office setting. Menswear can be worn by us ladies and we can still add our feminine touches. Lastly, this authentic Ralph Lauren blazer gives me absolute life. I want to thank a lady by the name of Penny that I work with. Never thought I would own an actual Ralph Lauren blazer . She saw I had a love for fashion and she said she thought of me when she saw it. Do good to others and it will come back to you.

Blazer – Gifted  (Love you Mrs.Penny x0x0x)

Button down – H&M

Trousers – Peebles

Heels – Shoe Dept.

Monochromatic menswear  definitely gets my vote!


*Nothing is sponsored. Everything is bought with my money*

Photos by : J Photo and Company 

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