A Monochrome Valentine`s Day

This blog post will be a simple one ladies! These were just some last minute outfit ideas that I came up with.


Romance Textures


This look is for the girl who wants to be trendy, comfortable, and warm. I am so obsessed with this layered trend that has been going around. I decided to pair this lace dress with a t-shirt underneath. I also decided to put it with these fur flats and leather jacket. I love a lot of black with different textures. Lace, fur, and leather definitely are the recipes for romance.

Dress – Peebles

T-Shirt – Forever 21

Purse – Catos

Shoes – Roses…. yes Roses


Cold Night Out


This outfit is for my ladies who love to be cute and flirty. If you are anything like me, even though it is cold outside you still like to rock your short A-line skirts with some tights. Again, I chose leather ,but this leather crop top looks amazing with this classic polka dot skirt.I chose my newest and most favorite boots from H&M. Not everyone likes heavy jackets or coats so a nice light duster is always a good accent.

Shirt – Forever 21

Skirt – Thrifted

Boots- H&M

Duster -H&M

Date In


This is the most easiest outfit to achieve. Simple and chic is still sexy. Just because a lot of thought wasn’t put into it dose not mean it still can’t be a knockout. I chose this black short romper because it was chic but the details take it to another level. The low back, slit sleeves and tie waist gives it a little more umph.  Then a simple gold necklace and black heel of your choice will finish the look off. This is a perfect date night in outfit for the girl who cooked the fancy meal and wants to be dressed to the T.

Romper – H&M

Heels – Shoe Dept.

Gold Choker – Forever 21

*None of these items were sponsored. All were purchased with my own money.*

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