This week’s blog post is a little different. I wanted to take the time and be a little transparent. This week I will be telling the story of how I got started in fashion.

Let’s fast forward to my 10th grade year. I had started to watch “What Not To Wear” and began learning to develop my own personal style. That became my number one priority. I was the chick that wanted to become a doctor and having my own primary car office was the dream. So 10th grade was my exploratory year.

My 11th grade year I found 2 individuals (both seniors) that embodied my style perfectly. One had the male perspective and one had the female perspective. The male could wear a bow tie like no other. The female wore heels everyday. It blew my mind that she could wear high heels to school everyday. At this point I felt inspired and it was something I could no longer hide. I found myself going home, going through my closet , and putting outfits together I often had in my head. I started praying to God and asking him to help me to be able to live out both dreams of medical and fashion . The next day I went to school and I started telling the young lady how I really wanted to dress. I expressed to her that Janelle Monae was a huge influence on my style . My exact words to her “I have to wear a bow tie, when I don’t I hate my outfits”. She then said “Well why don’t you ?, you are going to be a senior next year. Make them remember you!”.

I could wait any longer after that conversation . I went home and I started planning. Right before my style crushes graduated I wore a black clip on bow tie that my grandfather had given me. My exact outfit was a black blazer, red button up, black bow tie, black knee high boots and black jeans. When she saw me she complimented me and said how proud she was of me . I had so much confidence after that . Every hall I went down and every class I went into I got a compliment. I’ll never forget the lunch period that day. The male who’s style I adored came over to the table and told me he loved my outfit and I almost fainted! He saw it was a little crooked and he fixed it for me. At this point , I’m loosing it inside . I’m thinking of how the bow tie king just fixed my bow tie. I had the approval of the people I looked up to the most and life was perfect.


-This ends the first part of “Dee’s Fashion Journey”

THINGS TO REMEMBER !                                   Find inspiration and look for guidance .


– Dee


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