My Top 3 Favorite Denim Trends

Ripped Leg and Distressed Hem IMG_1794



I have been obsessed with ripped jeans for the longest time. When the ripped knee first emerged I knew I had to get in on the action. I decided to pair these jeans with a black and white bodysuit . I wanted a chill and relaxed look that day. The good thing about jeans is that they can be dressed up or down. This outfit is perfect for a regular day running errands and can easily be changed into a night look by throwing on a blazer and some heels. By pairing these jeans with some fur slip ons , it still has the Dana twist on it.

Bodysuit – Cato Fashion

Jeans – JC Penny (A.N.A Brand)

Choker – Wetseal

Fur Slip Ons – Roses

Frilled Distressed Hem

IMG_1765 2



This outfit gives the denim jeans we all know and love a chic twist. I absolutely love the dressy look this gives to the jeans. I decided to pair these chic jeans with a button up layered under a grey sweater. The unique element about this sweater is that it has lace up detailing on the back. The lace up and frilly details come together perfectly. This outfit has two of the most important trends you need this spring.

Glasses – Menswear Store

Sweater – Cato Fashions

Jeans – Peebles (DIY CUT)

Heels – Lola Shoetique

Lipstick – Nyx

SN: Fashion essentials are pictured in the last picture.

Girl Boss : Amazon

Elle and Vogue : Walmart

Fishnet and Asymmetrical Hem




There are so many things I love about this outfit. Three trends I wanted to tackle in this outfit were the fish net socks worn with heels, the hanging tulle, and the hi-low denim hem. This outfit can be categorized as edgy and chic. I decided to pair this sweetheart lace, sleeveless shirt with a DIY tulle layer hanging from under. I liked the light wash of the jeans to give a  little brightness to the outfit and finished it all off with the fish net socks with these sleek black heels. This is definitely a great night out outfit. This is for the girl who is in boss mode most of the day.

Lace Top – JcPenny

Jeans – Peebles (DIY Hem)

Tulle Under Shirt – DIY

Fish Net Socks – She Inside

Heels – Shoe Dept


Here is to a chic spring !


*None of these items were sponsored,all items were bought with my own money.*


Photos by : J Photo and Company


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