Spring Chic

Detail Essentials

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So excited to say spring is here ! I love the winter but the perfect spring mornings are something I long for. This year`s ​spring trends include the white blazer and brooches. I have been a fan of brooches for a while. However most people younger than 50 do not wear brooches. So I was excited to see how I could bring a youthful approach to this trend. I decided to pair the white blazer and the brooch trend together for this outfit. My brooch is one of a kind. It is a simple DIY I came up with. I took this bracelet my grandma had with my mom and her brother and sister`s pictures on it and draped it around a hashtag, squad goals pin. The white blazer is paired with a mesh shirt (also in trend) and finished with black trousers and black suede kitten heels. This outfit is definitely for the working woman or your everyday girl who just wants to stay chic.

Blazer  – H&M

Pants – H&M

Mesh Shirt – Forever 21

Kitten Heels – Forever 21

Brooch – DIY

Glasses – SheIn.Com

The Overall Dress

IMG_2074IMG_2071 2IMG_2068IMG_2067


I absolutely love overalls. I was so excited when they made their way back into the fashion scene. I recently bought a new denim pair but I love the chic and refreshing feel that overall dresses bring. It wakes up an outfit and there are endless possiblilties with how you can style it. The more sexy dressing woman could wear a nice bodysuit or a bandeau  under that style of dress. However, if you are the more conservative type like me then you can simply layer it with a button up under the dress. I styled this striped overall dress with a button up under it and topped it off with metallic oxfords. My favorite collar pin that resemble an angel`s wings are the perfect detail. This is perfect for anytime of the spring day.

Overall Dress – H&M

Button Up – Forever 21

Metallic Oxfords – Wetseal

Collar Pin – SheIn.com

Glasses – SheIn.com

Wrap It Up 


IMG_2081IMG_2080 2

To wrap up this blog post I thought this would be the perfect dress. The wrap dress is a necessity for all seasons. For the monochromatic spring I am having this year I thought this would be a staple dress that I could wear through the season and the seasons to come.This is a very versatile piece. It can be worn as I have it or it can be layered. I love to consider this as apart of my LBD collection so I wanted to keep it simple and classy.  I just paired this dress with black, block heels. This is perfect for church or a date night.

Dress – Cato Fashions

Shoes – Cato Fashions

Glasses – SheIn.Com



Stay Chic – Dee


Photos By : J Photo and Company

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