Book Review for “Bombshell Of All Trades” By Kyshira Moffett

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This book is AMAZING ! It is definitely a girl boss read. It is easy to understand and the worksheets are very helpful. In this read Moffett touches on all aspects that business women from every walk of  life can relate to.

The term “soloprenuer” I found very refreshing and an eye opener. It gives a new feel to the meaning of entrepreneur. One of the first things she discusses are system and tools that are a major part of the success of the “Soloprenuer”. Another thing I loved is that she briefly gives a description of each system so the reader can get an idea. The tools listed are Splash That, Mailchimp, Big Cartel, Pulley, Printful, Canva, Buffer, Onlypult, Moo, Vistaprint, and Thinktiffic. I must say that I invested in business cards from Vistaprint and I immediately saw the return. Vista print business cards definitely have a certain sophistication about them. I will be looking into trying the others , especially mail chimp.

The next thing she talked about was the importance of managing your business finances. Moffett notes that one should take note of when their sales are low as well as high and to track revenue and expenses. This is a point that cannot be stressed enough. I recently have thought about two business ventures to take on so this section of the book is something I look forward to getting in-depth with.

The next two sections that I will be discussing are the of the foundation of my business. I am a fashion stylist but first I am a blogger. The PR (Public Relations) and Exposure section is a must read for ALL bloggers and social media influencers.  She lists ways for exposure. These include guest blogging, twitter chats, collaborating, getting quoted and pitching yourself for an interview. I have not been blogging that long but I do know that exposure is the key. I recently have gotten contacted by two companies so I will definitely be taking her tips and applying them within the process. I also love how she mentions how important ROI (Return Of Investment) is . Whatever you put your time and money into , there should be a huge benefit from it to your business.

The blogging section was one I could not wait to read. I absolutely love the blog post templates and I learned so much to enhance my blogging experience. She touches on the about page, contact email address, start here page, freebie (mailing list opt-in), social media, and  professional and compelling images. I personally can relate to the importance of the appearance and organization of these pages. The more work you put into your blog the more seriously you will be taken.

 “Spend time thinking about your long term plans for your site” –  Kyshira Moffett.


The other sections to me can go hand in hand and all work together in a way that I never conceived of. The Business Fundamentals, Competitive Analysis and Market Research, Products and Services, and Marketing your Business sections really opened my eyes. I  am so intrigued with worksheets she has provided. The worksheets help you to organize your information which in turn helps you to get a better understanding of where your business stands as a whole.

As a blogger I find this book to be a vital part of a blogger`s success. Below will be a link to her website and a link to buy this amazing and informative book.




**This post is in collaboration with Kyshira Moffett, CEO of This Is Her Movement**


-Stay successful and chic


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