Summer Sunglasses Preview- In Collaboration With NORANYC



Ladies ! I know how much you all love your sunnies. The summer is almost here and it is time to start preparing for it. If you are anything like me the perfect sunglasses to complete your summer outfit are a must. Well, these beauties do just that.

These are called the “Strivers” sunglasses from the amazing sunglasses company called NORA NYC.  I was so glad when they reached out to me. These glasses are unlike anything I have seen. The frames are so different and fit my color scheme perfect. They are of the best quality and come packaged with a logo glasses pouch. Customer service is also timely and straight to the point.

I decided to pair these sunglasses with a semi edgy but girly summer look. These distressed  bermuda shorts and this black tank were the canvas for this amazing floral kimono. I have been loving kimonos this season because there is so much you can do with them.  They can be worn open ( as you see), with a belt, or even used as a layering piece over a casual outfit (as I have it) or a dress. Kimonos and statement sunnies are a definite yes for this summer season.

Shorts – DIY

Kimono – Forver 21

Sunglasses – NORANYC

-Stay Chic


ATTENTION ATTENTION : Shop the NORANYC link below to shop these sunglasses and other styles. They even had styles for him!  Use this coupon code: NEW SHADES  for 10% off !!


Sunglasses : https://www.noranyc.com/products/boxed-high-fashion-assortment-of-color-options-x230

Coupon Code : NewShades

*Sunglasses sponsored by NORA NYC*

*No clothing items sponsored*

Photos By : https://www.facebook.com/jphotoandcompany/

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