Dana`s Corner

Hello everyone !

This post will be the second installment of me talking about my fashion journey. This post will focus on the high school years mostly. I discussed in my initial post that I had found inspiration from two upperclassmen. Ninth grade I finally started coming into my own style and understanding what a well thought out outfit that fits my style would do for me.

Fashion opens the door for a lot of conversation and interaction. I can remember being such an introverted teenager. I stayed to myself mostly or I either solely spent time with the people I had already had friendships with. Making new friends was something that I couldn’t achieve easily.  When I had on an outfit that showed ‘Dana”. There were people that would just walk up and say ,”Hey! I love your outfit!” and that would open the door for new interaction. So, in these pictures below you will get a little glimpse of the 2009-2013 fashion sense of Dana. Yes, people this is where it all started.


As you can see I was obsessed with bowties and bows and I still am ! Bowties are just that accessory that makes me feel complete and in high school it was how I stood apart from every other girl in school. They may not have known my name but by the end of 2012-2013 they were calling me “the girl that wore the bowties”.

Fashion gave me a voice at a young age and helped me become more confident and also became a coping mechanism. Stay tuned for part three to see just how bad I needed fashion to cope.

-Stay chic !


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