Summer Shoe Obsessions

Hello Ladies!

Lets talks summer shoe trends!


IMG_0277 2The Knot Flat

I first spotted these beauties when I was on instagram. My all time favorite shoe brand “Steve Madden” was the first brand I noticed to do this. These amazing shoes spice up any look in an unconventional way. It is a effortless way to take your outfit to the next level.

Do you like or love these ? Leave in the comments.

IMG_0278 2The Slingback

This in addition to the Knot styled flat is a huge trend that popped back out this summer. The vintage style slingback ! I loved seeing these styled by some of my favorite you tubers and bloggers. I had my eyes set on some at H&M but one day while going to Payless for their BOGO sale I saw these and had to take these babies home with me. Christian Siriano never fails with his design for Payless. His line is perfect for trendy and timeless looks for less.

Do you like or love these ? Leave in comments below.

IMG_0276The Striped Flat

Now these I also found while in Payless during their BOGO sale. This pair accompanied my slingbacks home. Flats are always in style but during this season black and white color combo and stripes are heavy hitters in the trend department. Christian Siriano also designed this chic flat for the Payless partnership.

Do you like or love these ? Leave in comments below.

IMG_0275The Miniature Gladiator

I know you are probably saying to yourself “What is a miniature gladiator?”.  Well, I made that up lol. However, since I am a stylist sometimes I come up with style names that are easy for me and my client. This however is a classic summer sandal. These can be worn with anything. Perfect for the beach, school, or a regular day. Ladies, these are a summer essential, for every summer.

Do you like or love these ? Leave in comments below.

IMG_0279 2The Metallic Sandal

Metallic has been in the spotlight for almost the whole year. Wether it be shirts, handbags, or shoes, metallic has found its way into the wardrobe of many fashion lovers. I dare not leave these in the store. They caught my attention as soon as I walked in. These will wake up any outfit, dressy and casual.

Do you like or love these ? Leave in comments below.

IMG_0280 2The Platform Heel

Last but not least are these beauties. I am a church girl so these were a necessity. As you will recall . This year I have been wearing black, white, gray, and denim this whole year so these fit in perfect with my wardrobe. I absolutely love how they look with my A-line skirts. Try it ladies, you will not be disappointed.

Do you like or love these ? Leave in comments below.


The Knot Flat – Peebles

The Slingback – Payless

The Striped Flat – Payless

The Miniature Gladiator – Shoe Show

The Metallic Sandal – Cato Fashions

The Platform Heel – Cato Fashions

Which ones are your fave ?

-Stay Chic


*No items were sponsored. All shoes were bought with my own money*

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