Dana`s Corner

Welcome to the third installment of Dana`s corner. I stated on the last installment how I would mention how fashion helped me to cope. When I tell you it was my escape from everyday problems such as being depressed, being misunderstood, and dealing with not fitting in, it really was. Fashion was my escape from the world. When I would make outfits, organize my closet, watch What Not To Wear, or just looking at magazines I was my absolute happiest.

I went through a lot of changes in high school and during that time I had to realize that Dana was different and God had set a special path for her life. I am now starting college and life seems great. I had successfully graduated high school with my CNA  ( Certified Nursing Assistant ) license and I was in love. It was the path that most high school girls would take, build your education and love life while working. My boyfriend at the time was very supportive and was a great listening ear. What he did not know was that I would be so miserable when I would get home. I hated my major and I could not focus on the work because fashion always had my focus. Nursing was something I chose because it was practical for my area. A fashion career is basically unheard of for the area I live in.


It is now getting late in the year and I just cannot take it anymore. So after talking with my mother and with my love I decided to take on both. I decided to build an education and feed the dream. The pictures you will see below are my first attempt to a blog.


As you can see the drive was there , but I failed at this attempt because of the lack of knowledge of blogging and how it works. However, I count it as a personal success. While blogging my depression had decreased significantly because I had found something that I felt gave me purpose.  I am so glad I kept these to keep track of how far I have come. Stay tuned to see how my third time blogging was the charm.


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