Back to School Outfit Inspirations

Back to school trends 2017.Summer.School.Black.Jeans. Nora NYC. All black outfit. Tulle.


Trendy School Girl 

This is for the girl who does not take their school wardrobe lightly. She pays attention to trends and finds ways to incorporate the trends into her wardrobe. I decided to do just that with 4 trends I have noticed and have fallen in love with.

-Tulle -Ripped Jeans

-Ripped Jeans – Socks with sandals

– Socks with sandals

-Scarf Bandana

I paired this black tulle shirt with the black ripped jeans. I wanted to mix the chic and edgy vibes together. To help finish off the look I paired these sheer socks with these amazing open toe, kitten heel sandals. Finally, to add more of me to the look, I tied this scarf around my neck and that was definitely the “it factor” for me.

Shirt – Burkes Outlet

Shades- Burkes Outlet

Jeans – JCPenny

Scarf – JCPenny

Shoes – JCPenny

Socks – Shein


The School Girl Intern

When styling this outfit I thought about myself my first 2 years of college. I wanted to get my degree, however, I still wanted a job. Often times I would have class and would have to be at work within 30-45 minutes of leaving school. There are not only girls with regular jobs, but there are women with internships that require you to be business casual. So, why not find an outfit that works for both school and work.

Culottes are a huge trend right now and they are perfect for summer. When I think of a sleek, black pair of culottes I think business. The culottes paired with the flat loafers helped to contribute to the business look I was going for. Now, the top needed to be easy and effortless for such a long day and this tee with lace neckline and sleeves do just that.

Dressy Tee – Forever 21

Culottes – Stage

Loafers – Charlette Russe



“Straight to My Homework” Girl

The sneaker and skirt combo is usually a Monday outfit for me. If you are obsessed with fashion like me, even though it is Monday and you might not be feeling it you still want to be fashionable. If you were lucky like me in college ( not really)  Mondays were the days I would get the most homework. I would come straight home and pull out the books. I was not even thinking about changing my clothes.

So in order to keep with the comfortable and sort of laid back approach, I chose this gray knee length skirt. It is so soft and stretchy and keeps the look chill. Then, well you know me, I have to be myself so I styled the skirt with this white button up with floral embroidery detail. To finish this look off I picked my favorite Nikes in my closet at the moment. It was the perfect fit for this outfit. The sneakers give off a chic chill vibe that the outfit displayed.

Button Up – Stage

Skirt – Forever 21

Sneakers – Gifted but can be found at Stage


Have an amazing and successful school year! You are even closer to your dreams. You can do this and nothing can stop you!


Photos By: JPhoto and Company

-Stay Chic







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