New York City Fashion Week- Street Style Highlights

Personal style is the last thing that New York is lacking. The diversity and fearlessness of the city are displayed through the outfits of the citizens within it. Below are my top favorites from my trip. It isn`t many this time, but next time I will definitely be getting more shots.


Leather skirt and button down on a bike?  FIERCE

Stay true to your personal style. It is vital in your life. Trying to please everyone else is a miserable feeling. Living day to day in your personal style will increase your confidence and help you take on the day.


Here is a little of my street style from the trip.


I wanted to make sure I kept my monochromatic personal style for the year, a vital part of my look for fashion week. The vintage, gingham print dress was sent from heaven. I loved the fit and the open back with a bow. To keep the vintage look cohesive, I decided to pair the dress with a sheer blouse and top the outfit off with this faux suede, black, kitten heels.

New York Fashion Week was an experience I will never forget and an I can`t wait to go back.

Dress – HouseOfBradshaw

Sheer Blouse and Shoes – Forever 21


-Stay Chic






  1. ❤❤❤ I’m a fan of the blog! It’s so inspiring on so many levels. But to name a few firstly, just seeing a fellow queen following her dreams just gives me butterflies I’m bursting with inspiration lol and secondly I like what you said, ” Stay true to your personal style. It is vital in your life. Trying to please everyone else is a miserable feeling…etc…” That’s spoke to me I have so many fashion ideas. But I feel so insecure because we live in a time that we want to please people … But you gave me enough confidence to try… Be free … Be me… Keep the blogs coming!!! (Sorry this was a novel lol)

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