Top 5 Favorite Fashion Commercials/Ads for 2017

Top 5 Favorite Fashion Commercials

Have you ever seen a fashion commercial that caught your eye? My favorite commercials have great styling, great music, and a great vision brought to life.

The Secret to Success

I loved the simplicity of this commercial. It was to the point and the styling was impeccable. Not to mention, how catchy and soothing the music was.


Zara Woman Campaign | Spring Summer 2017 

Now, this is the epitome of The Unconventional Styles brand. It is presented as a theatric performance instead of just a regular fashion commercial. No talking, no loud music, no unnecessary movement, and just the right amount of special effects. The styling definitely fits my aesthetic. Zara has undoubtedly nailed it with this one!

M&S Women’s Fashion: The New Autumn Season A/W16 TV Ad

M&S, I would like to personally thank you. Why ? Well, the answer is simple. You took the time to incorporate exactly what style is, ART. The term fashion is art is often heard, but this is a prime example of fashion being truly that. M&S`s fashion commercial has amazing editing. My favorite part is when the girls appear out of the leaves. I will be sharing this on my social media. The world needs to see just how diverse the fashion industry is.

Camel Crossing with Fernanda ly: The Spring 2017 Collection | Kate Spade New York

Kate Spade is one of my favorite brands. My first favorite element of this commercial is the camel walking across the busy streets of New York. Then they gave it an artistic approach by hanging purses on the saddle. Vibrant colors, great styling, a vision, and the streets of New York are the ingredients to the success of this commercial.

Dolce&Gabbana FW18 Advertising Campaign

Dolce and Gabbana do a great job of joining fashion and fun together. I love the fact that they also show the two main sides of fashion, dressy and urban. The idea of impeccably dressed people living their life while displaying their personal style just warms my heart. That is exactly what fashion is,  living life while showing your personal style.


Which commercial is your favorite?


-Stay Chic


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