Fall Fashion Essentials – Essentials for the Unconventional​ Styles Fall

So let’s talk readers.  Fall is here and a fashion addict like me can get sucked into the sales, so here are a few essentials I incorporate to keep me going and save money.


IMG_2033 (2)
IMG_2040 (2)
IMG_2049 (2)



This hat has saved my life. However, it is amazing how adding this hat to an outfit can amplify it and take it to the next level. I love to wear it with jeans, a button up, and some cool trousers. This is a necessity this season.

IMG_2067 (2)
Striped trousers


These are my go trousers for this season. The striped trouser looked has been making a statement in the fashion world. Whether it be a tailored fit or a wide leg, side stripes are in. These can be dressed up or down. I also love the chic athleisure vibes they give off. Pair it up with a button down, t-shirts, or a sweater and these pants will be the focal point.

Black Jeans – JcPenny

Black Jeans

A pair of great jeans is always appropriate. These are my favorite because they fit so well and because of the distressing. I prefer to wear black jeans during fall and winter. However, jeans are a must for any season.

IMG_2488 (2)
Striped Button Down Shirt – Kohls

Striped Button Down Shirt 

The classic button-down has been a staple piece in men and women`s wardrobe for a long time. However, menswear has influenced the style of some women now. I am that girl. I love some of the elements of a man`s wardrobe, the button down being my favorite. The striped button down is perfect for the fall because it is so versatile. It can be worn out, tucked it, tied up, layered etc.

IMG_2123 (2)
Gingham Blazer 

The Gingham Blazer 

The blazer is a fall basic. They come in so many colors and prints. I take advantage of this weather to show my favorite printed blazers. This year I am anxious to wear my gingham printed blazer. Gingham made a come back during the summer and I have not been able to let it go. It fits perfect with my color pallet for the year. Blazers are perfect for monochrome looks.

IMG_2480 (2)
Motorcycle Jacket – Belk
IMG_2476 (2)
Motorcycle Jacket- Belk

Motorcycle Jacket

Another classic staple piece is the motorcycle jacket.  When I tell you these jackets go with everything, they literally do. This is the epitome of versatile. Motorcycle jackets can be worn with jeans or over a dress. I love the idea of just adding one piece and my whole outfit changing.

IMG_2494 (2)
Denim Jacket – Forever 21
IMG_2497 (2)
Denim Jacket – Forever 21
IMG_2498 (2)
Denim Jacket – Forever 21

Denim Jacket 

If you don`t have a denim jacket, open up another tab and purchase one now. I need everyone to own a denim jacket. It will change your life! The good thing about denim jackets nowadays is that they are available in more styles. They come short or longline. I fell in with this longline. It was different and I  loved that it had a soft lining. This jacket is cute, but also very warm. Having a jacket that is cute is always ok, but having one that is cute and fulfills the purpose is even better.


IMG_2070 (2)
Oxfords – Forever 21



Everyone has their go-to shoes for each season. These shiny oxfords are mine. As I stated earlier, the menswear trend is a heavy part of my aesthetic. These are perfect for fall work days. Oxfords go perfectly with the fedora pictured earlier. Its all about the vibes you want your outfit to portray.

IMG_0507 2
Platfrom Boots – H&M

Platform Boots

Last but certainly not least are my prized possessions. I love these boots so much. They give me a more retro feel and look to outfits. Wearing them with a bodycon dress and an oversized sweater makes me feel so chic. I usually save these for the fall days that are closer to winter. My platform boots are considered my fall to winter transitional piece.

Fedora – Gifted

Striped Trousers, Denim Jacket, and Oxfords – Forever 21

Platform Boots – H&M

Striped Button Down – Kohls

Motorcycle Jacket – Belk

Black Jeans – JcPenny


Photography by: J Photo and Company


All these pieces can be used to build up a capsule fall wardrobe. Find your style for the fall and find your fall fashion essentials to help you achieve the fall wardrobe of your dreams.

-Stay Chic




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