The Belted Vest- Fall Fashion 2017

The Belted Vest- Fall Fashion 2017

Yes, I am still obsessed with belting things. This week it is a vest. I loved the look of the leather belt on top of the black and gray pallet. Fall fashion for 2017 seems to be all about statements. (That will be another blog post lol).


IMG_2507 (2)
Fall Fashion 2017
IMG_2510 (2)
Fall Fashion 2017
IMG_2511 (2)
Fall Fashion 2017


IMG_2524 (2)
Fall Fashion 2017


I am so excited to finally feel the coolness in the air that fall brings. This year for my fall fashion there will be an emphasizes on layering. When I started to pair things together, I immediately thought of the career woman. I definitely feel this is a great outfit for church and the office. This gray dress has become a favorite of mine. The fit is amazing and it is so comfortable. So, I decided to pair the gray dress with the black vest but, it was just too bland and regular for me. Then it came to me, belt it up! I was so in love with the Zara feels it gave me. The look was then completed with my gray and black heels.




Dress- Charlette Russe

Vest – Wetseal

Belt – Thrifted

Heels – Cato

Necklace – Origami Owl

Lipstick – Nyx


-Stay Chic


Photography By: J Photo and Company


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