Well Suited – Women’s Tuxedo Look

Women’s Tuxedo

They say that all superheroes have a superhero outfit. Am I a superhero? Well yes, in my own right. What is my superhero outfit you ask? Nothing makes me feel more unbeatable and more unstoppable than my classic black pantsuit. Yes, ladies and gentlemen if I had my way, every day would be a pants suit day. Now that the close of my monochromatic year of my wardrobe is coming to a close, I wanted to showcase and pay homage to my favorite fashion trend that has remained and will remain a classic.

I spotted these tuxedo style pants at a thrift store and I immediately knew I had to have them to help complete a women`s tuxedo-inspired look. The blazer was chosen to pair with these pants because of the classic look and vibes it created when paired with the lightweight white button down. The shoes were another classic and vintage approach.



Blazer- Thrifted

Women`s Tuxedo Pants – Thrifted

Blouse – Forever 21

Vintage Nine West Heels – Thrifted

-Happy Holidays !


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