Dana`s Corner – PART 4

Dana`s Corner – PART 4


Hello everyone!

Welcome back to Dana`s Corner. In the last installment, I mentioned that my blog was not an easy thing but I got the hang of it. You can read that here.

When I started blogging again and I noticed that people were actually paying attention I began to make myself promises concerning my blog. I promised that I would not compromise to the fast fashion around me, but instead, I would stay true to Dana and let my personal style take center stage. When I would pick my blog outfits I would make sure that even though it may have included a fast fashion element I would still make it “Dana”.  Unconventional Styles blog was brand new but the likes and love were pouring in. So, my photographer gave me an idea of doing videos that gave a sneak peak to my blog post. Little did we know that would catch the attention of those we never thought possible. After posting a certain outfit I started tagging the companies. This led to my first follow from a major company called Stage stores. During that time I was employed there and always had a new item in my hands. However, the attention did not just stop there.

I did a blog post featuring a pair of sandals I had purchased from shoe show. They, in turn, liked the picture, but the next day I woke up to an amazing surprise. THEY HAD FEATURED ME ON THEIR INSTAGRAM PAGE!

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 9.15.25 PM.png

Little did I know that it would spark something great ……




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