Hello everyone!

Today is not just a blog post, but a testimonial. I get the question posed to me as to why I chose fashion or why fashion is so appealing to me. To keep this not to lengthy we will start from 2007. I was in 7th grade and my body were changing. You know for us girls that is a very challenging time. With my body change came attention from boys. However, it was not from the boys I was attracted to and it was only because of my curves. That bothered me, and my self-esteem began to sink. Moving on up to my 9th grade year of high school I started noticing that Dana was different. I didn’t party, I was an introvert, and I did not have any desire to socialize and meet anyone new. That year, I began to watch different shows and I would take notice of their clothing. That immediately excited me. These high school girls carried themselves in way that demanded respect and showed their person style. My high school was pretty chill, but you did have your mean girls. They were beautiful on the outside and horrid on the inside. I was the exact opposite. I knew I had to stop being scared and take the risk dressing how I always wanted and not letting the ridicule that may come with that get to me. Tenth grade year I met an upperclassman. This girl killed the game every day! Her style was so effortless and chic. She wore heels EVERYDAY and made them look like sneakers. I then met a boy who made a bowtie seem like a must. This had to be a sign from God because the 2 of them together portrayed my style perfectly. Eleventh grade year rolled around, and my identity crisis had gotten to me. I started to shut people out and I went into the most horrible stage of depression. Many days, I would come to school and be around my friends, but not even open my mouth. (They loved me through it). One night I came home and stumbled upon Project Runway and binged watched it. I then stayed up and searched all over Instagram and the web for fashion inspiration. When Monday morning came I got up for school and put on my usual shirt and jeans. This particular morning, my feel of disgust was more intense than usual. I looked in the mirror and began to cry. At that moment a little small voice said to me, “Go for it”. I looked up wiped my tears and said out loud,” Ok Dana, God spoke now do it!”. I got dressed and walked out the door. My parents looked at me and smiled. Their smile was a look of happiness and pride. Well, I get to my grandmother`s to catch the bus and I thought what in the world are that going to say, are they even going to notice? I walked on the bus and all I heard was DANA LOOKS AMAZING! I was so shocked I could not believe it. All this time I was scared to show my true self because I didn’t think I would be accepted. I`ll never forget it. I paired a red button-down with a black blazer, black jeans, and black knee-high wedge boots. Sounds basic right? Well here is the kicker I wore a bow tie. Yep, I had a Janelle Monae moment. From that day on people who didn’t know my name knew that I was the girl who wore the bow tie. Fashion saved me in my teenage years because it gave me hope and a vision. It sparked my creativity to levels I didn’t know existed within. Without fashion I would just be existing and not living. Stay tuned to see how it will soon save my life again.





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