Hello everyone !

Welcome back to the second installment of the “Fashion For All Ages”. This is a campaign brought to you by  Uncon Styles showcasing all fashion killers of all ages.

Today, my muse was my grandmother. Delores Hughes has always been a chic woman. When I was younger I would often find her sewing or altering clothing. She never considered herself a designer but she definitely was. She was my first initial fashion inspiration. Every outfit was always chic and well put together.

When I asked my amazing grandmother why she thinks fashion is important , this is what she had to say . She answered simply like this, “It helps you to look nice”. When she said that I almost went into tears. One day I felt so down about my out fit and my grandmother revamped me and said “See, you look nice. Your clothes should add to your beauty not take away from it”

I present to you my 81 year old fashionable queen!


I love you queen and thanks for supporting me and being apart of this !



Veiled Hat – Second Hand Rose

Styling – The Unconventional Stylist

Photography – J Photo and Company 




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