Hello fashion lovers!

Welcome to another installment of Fashion For All Ages! This is a campaign brought to you by Unconventional Styles. Here we showcase a new fashion lover of different ages. This campaign is to show everyone that the world of fashion is not limited to a certain age.

Today we have the beautiful Natasha Crayton. I wanted to get her on because she is a thrift queen! She thrifts amazing pieces that fit her personal style and compliment her body well.


I posed these 2 questions, “Why is fashion important to you?” and “What do you love about thrifting?” This is what this fashionista had to say.

“Fashion is a mood changer for me. When/If you’re having a bad day, I dare you to get up, put on a fitted tee, your favorite jeans with a bold color heel and a string of pearls and watch your whole attitude change!As for Thrifting, its not just a hobby, its therapeutic for me. I have found my best pieces, name brand pieces, by thrifting. I lucked up on a pair of red bottoms for $3.99 once!”


She loves flowers and always includes one in her outfit. I wanted her outfit to show her personality and that is just what this outfit does. I am going to provide a link to her Instagram here so that you can follow her. Ladies and gentleman, this woman is one that you should keep her eyes on. Her thrifted fashion is true to her personal style, but her unique singing voice is one that the world is in need of. ( You will hear her amazing voice on the Instagram linked above ).

Thank you so much for being apart precious memories! Love you!


Photography by : J Photo and Company 

Styling by : The Unconventional Stylist 

None of my post are sponsored unless noted. If post contain affiliate links they will be marked with an asterisk. All opinions are my own even if post is sponsored.


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