Hello fashion lovers,

I`m back with another denim inspired outfit. This one is really simple and is great for the back to school season. This is the traditional denim on denim look featuring my favorite high waisted jeans.


I live in a very country setting as you can see. This fence is beside a cow pasture! The evenings here, as it gets closer to fall, can be a little chilly. So, I wanted this outfit to be relaxed, but still, have an edge to it.

I was so happy when I saw my denim jacket`s wash was almost the exact same as my jean`s wash. I am not usually a matchy type of chick, but I couldn`t pass this up. The denim pieces being so close in washes made the outfit feel so uniform.


I chose to pair these denim items with a gray bodysuit. This is a little switch up from your normal everyday white t-shirt. The shoes I chose were these oxfords. I am obsessed with oxfords. (You can watch the video I did of my oxford collection here). Sneakers do not really fit the vibe I`m going for.

Take some really basic outfit ideas you may have and find ways to add a remix to it.


Shop similar look here: Jeans Jacket Bodysuit Oxfords

Photography By : J Photo and Company

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