This Is What Blessed Looks Like

Welcome back fashion lovers,

Today’s post was inspired by this amazing graphic tee I found at my local Roses. The shirt simply says, “Blessed” with a 90’s aesthetic to it. Today’s outfit is the perfect summer outfit for a day out with the girls. I paired this “Blessed” graphic tee with this amazing denim skirt. I added a great pair of sunglasses and layered 2 of my favorite gold necklaces to accessorize. The outfit was then finished off with these cute and comfy black and white sandals I got a few years back from shoe show.

When I picked up this shirt and looked at it, it immediately sparked my imagination for this blog post. What does it really mean to be blessed? What does a blessed person look like? How does a blessed person act?

I have had moments in my life where I have felt everything but blessed. Life happens and sometimes if just feels like God has forgotten about you or that you always seem to have the worse luck. However, it isn’t always a bad as it seems. I made the decision that my feeling of being blessed wasn’t based on my circumstances it was based on my response to those circumstances.

A blessed person walks around with a joyful expression and a thankful heart. A blessed person lends a hand and gives insight. A blessed person stays steadfast and rooted in God. A blessed person looks for ways to be a blessing to others. A blessed person realizes that their blessings are bigger than just them. A blessed person realizes they are blessed to make an impact on those around them. A blessed person pushes on and strives for the goals set before them.

I know that life isn’t where you want it to be but, you are blessed. You have so much that could go wrong that isn’t. Tell God thank you for what you have and stay consistent with what he entrusted you with. Watch how your life will change.

Dear God,

Please bless the reader who is reading this prayer right now. Let them know you are always there. Miracles, signs, and wonders are still your specialty. Let them know they are blessed because you say they are. Let them have a heart for you. Let them see the blessing in every situation. Now Lord I ask you to give them wisdom and provision to move forward in you. I rebuke any plan that the enemy may have to block them from the blessing you have for them. We thank you, we love you, and we praise you.

In your son Jesus name,


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