Welcome back fashion lovers,

Change is good but, it isn’t always easy. My life is changing in all aspects. Mentally and spiritually I’m so much stronger than before. Now that I feel like a brand new woman, I feel that my style should now show the new woman I am becoming.

I feel that Dana is so close to finding herself thoroughly. I like to describe the ideal and best version of myself as classic and timeless. So, my style should should just that.

My first year of blogging on this blog, I based the color palette of my wardrobe on black, white, and gray. However, black and white has always been a outfit color scheme that I gravitated too. I feel so confident and unstoppable when I’m wearing black and white.

Today’s outfit was one that will never go out style. I’m looking for more classic pieces instead of trendy pieces . This white sleeveless bodysuit is perfect for the summer season. I decided to pair it with these black mom jeans I thrifted. The fit was perfect! I used gold accessories to bring out the look. Then, I finished the outfit off with these amazing Croc flip flops.

Finding you takes time but, it is well worth it.


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