Welcome back fashion lovers,

Fall is less than a week away and my fashion obsessed heart is so ready! Here at Unconventional Styles Blog the fall season means more content. Today kicks off the first of many of my fall 2019 fashion post for this blog.

In today’s outfit, I wanted to give some more office fashion inspiration.

My favorite item in this outfit would have to be these amazing vintage trousers I found at a yard sale. I had been looking for the perfect pair of black trousers that would allow me to channel my inner Denise Huxtable and these are it! Comfy and cute for a busy work day.

Again, I am accenting a look with gold accessories. I can’t help it, I’m obsessed. The gold on the belt buckle and on my slide on loafers made it even more amazing.


Statement hair clips are all the rage right now. I have recently joined the natural hair movement and I love how these cute hair clips can take your hair to the next level. I got this beauties from Kohl’s.

Amazing statement headwear here.

What is a piece your fall wardrobe can’t seem to do without?

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