Come On 2020, I’m Ready For You!

Come On 2020, I’m Ready For You!

Welcome back fashion lovers,

The new year is approaching fast and it’s time to get focused and serious about how 2020 is going to be successful. In 2020 I am taking nothing BUT success. To help me achieve this success I have to plan now.

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I plan to start everyday of 2020 with thanks to God. I have started implementing this in my life now and it has brought so much peace. Everything I am and I have I owe to him. Why not start each new day with the one who made it possible? Pray, plan, and execute will be the motto I live by in 2020.

I plan to stay organized in 2020. As I look back over 2019 I can see that not staying organized is what really helped me to miss some goals I had set for myself. 2020 will be a year of organization that will allow me to achieve the goals I have set for myself.

I plan to love myself better. 2019 was a year of a confidence build BUT I made the mistake over and over agin of being to critical of myself. Make the mistake and move on. No more condemning Dana, just loving Dana.

I plan to work hard and play hard in 2020. I will work hard to achieve the goals and visions God has given me. I will also make it a point to celebrate every victory. The older I get the more I realize how your accomplishments will not mean the same to everyone else because they are YOUR accomplishments. Thank God that you have achieved these goals and celebrate you.

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I plan to walk in confidence in n 2020. Believing with every step I take that God has me all the way. 2020 I will be unstoppable!

I want to use the last few words of this post to say thank you to each and every reader of this blog. Because of amazing people like you, I have reached my goal for my follower count! Thank you so much! In return I promise to keep fresh and quality content coming your way. Thank you for your support and here is to a BLESSED and SUCCESSFUL 2020.

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