You Don’t Fit In And Thats Good

Welcome back fashion lovers,

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Today’s outfit features an amazing vintage Liz Claiborne olive green blazer that I thrifted and I am in love with it. Click the item names throughout the post to be taken to exact or similar objects. Now, lets talk.

2020 is fast approaching and that thought made me take inventory on my life. Through my high school career I struggled with being the one left out. The “wack” or weird kid and the ugly one that nobody wanted. The girl who took church too seriously. I felt alone and felt tolerated instead of accepted.

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Those comments made my introvert ways my safe place. Alone just always felt the best until the toxic comments started to mess with my head in my alone time. It brought me to a dark place mentally. Depression had set in and I couldn’t shake it. I only had 2 options. Those options were to accept what others thought or to just celebrate who I was wether others liked it or not.

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I had an amazing group of friends who remained my friends even when I was in my dark place. I never told them this but, they are really what kept me going through that time and jump started the process of me accepting me for me.

Now looking back on all that and seeing where I am now, it blows my mind. It brings me to complete tears actually. God is so strategic and purposeful in every move he makes in our lives. I am reminded of one of my favorite Bible verse. Psalms 139:14 says, ” I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well”.

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To all of you who feel like I did, I have good news. You don’t fit in because your life is about to blow the minds of those around you. If I did what everyone around me did or tried to do, I would have went all the way off the course God had for me. I didn’t fit in because the hand of God was on me. I have dreams and aspirations that I would have jeopardized if I had of went with the “follow the crowd” mentality.

Please do not put time and effort into fitting in. Put all your time and effort into asking God what is your purpose and what it is that he wants you to do with your life. You can’t fit it, you will never fit in, and that is not the priority here while you are on this earth.

A leader can’t fit in. A visionary can’t be apart of the norm. A dreamer can’t go with the flow. I have embraced who I am and it has given me a whole new level of confidence. I live to let God use me and inspire others.

In 2020, do everything you can to NOT fit in. Be the odd one out. There is someone just like you who needs to hear your story. They need to be pushed to embrace who they are and take on the world with who they are not who they changed themselves to be. You are not weird, you are not wack, you are a leader. You have goals that will be met and dreams that will become reality.

Unconventional Styles Blog is where all the “unconventionals” come to embrace who they are and use God as the source of every move they make. Do not fit in the mold, create it.


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