4 Amazing Ways You Should Style Your Blazers This Year

4 Amazing Ways You Should Style Your Blazers This Year

Welcome back fashion lovers,

Blazers are one of the most versatile clothing apparels in fashion and this makes them a wardrobe must-have. They can be worn in all four seasons of the year and styled in numerous ways. Blazers are also the perfect wardrobe staple because they can be worn for different events and occasions, ranging from work to school and even friendly get- togethers!
The versatility of a blazer scratches out the “where/when can I wear blazers?” question because they can be worn anywhere/anytime, and leaves only the “how can I wear blazers?” question. And the how of it is not a problem because there are so many great ways to style your blazers!
For a close look at the newest blazers in my collection and inspirations on how to style them, keep reading below!

  1. Go Casual With Jeans!
    Blazers are amazing apparels for casual events. They can be worn to the park, for lunch, hangouts with friends and even to the mall. Pairing your blazers with a shirt and jean trousers can bring out its casual and chill side. With a nice pair of stilettos and matching bag, however, a blazer and jeans combo can also be transformed into a work outfit.

2. Pair Blazers With A Dress
Wearing your blazers over a dress is one of the easiest ways to style it as one can never go wrong with the blazer and dress combination. To perfect the look, go for a short skirt. You can choose a skirt that stops above your knee or below your knee but, no longer than that. Complete the look with stilettos/loafers for a more corporate look and sneakers for a super casual look. Match up your blazers and shoes like in the picture above and you are all set to go!

3. Go Monotone!
While blazers serve nicely as casual apparels, they are amazing corporate apparels. On days when you want to exude seriousness and formalness (e.g. meetings, interviews, and presentations) you can chose to go monotone. Our black blazers work perfectly for these occasions! Pair the blazer with a white/black shirt, black pants and shoes and you can step into any meeting with the aura of a boss lady.

4. Try Out Patterned Designs!
For a lighter and more youthful look, you can pair your blazers with a patterned skirt or dress. You can choose to go for light flower pattern, polka dot pattern, cheetah pattern, etc. You can also go for a straight or A-shaped skirt. Pair it with a matching skirt and blouse and you will be all set for class, work, or even a lunch date. You can complete this look with wedge sandals and you might just be a fashion star among your peers!

Blazers give you the freedom to explore different styles- especially when made with the best quality. Thrifting can help you find the blazers with the best quality. When shopping for blazer look for these 3 key points; uniqueness, durability, and style. I hope these 4 ways to style these blazers in my blazer collection gave you some outfit inspiration. So what are you waiting for? Its time to shop!

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