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25 Things I Would Have Told My Younger Self – It’s My 25Th Birthday!

Welcome back fashion lovers,

Today is my 25th birthday. I am so thankful that God allowed me to see these many years. I don’t take it light or for granted but, I can’t help but feel a bit sorrowful. I found my self apologizing to myself today because I can see I held myself back in several areas. I hope that these same 25 points can be applied to the 20-25 year old girl reading this

1. Don’t Doubt Yourself

2. You are enough

3. Live for God unapologetically

4. Pace yourself, it isn’t a race

5. Stay consistent

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6. Your worth is not determined by your “man”

7. Live your life to the fullest

8. Take it one day at a time

9. Pray that every piece of money God blesses you with, you handle it responsibly

10. Make more memories with your family

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11. May yourself a priority

12. Pray everyday

13. Embrace change and growth

14. Believe what God says over what others say

15. Make wise decisions not selfish decisions

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16. Have a plan and pray through it

17. Be open to other avenues

18. Hustle hard

19. Stay focused

20. Embrace who you are and don’t change who you are

21. Stay humble and serve

22. Everytime God gives you a chance to use your gift, take advantage of that opportunity.

23. Spread love no matter what hate comes your way

24. If the situation or relationship doesn’t feel right be smart and walk away

25. Never loose hope

Here is to a life of love and happiness!


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