Feeling Me, Feeling Free – In Collaboration With LipRx

Feeling Me, Feeling Free – In Collaboration With LipRx

Welcome back fashion lovers,

Since the beginning of 2020 I have been making myself a priority. Not in a selfish way but, I was feeling drained and I knew it was time to re-evaluate things.

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Girl stop playing, you need this!

I think that for most of us that have a giving heart, we don’t realize where to draw the line. I was one of those folks. When you are mentally exhausted it’s hard to be fully present in each moment. I value every family and friend I have and I don’t ever want them to feel like I’m not listening. So, when I felt that within myself it was a huge wake up call.

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There is nothing worse than feeling like you have neglected yourself. I looked in the mirror one day and broke into tears because I couldn’t believe it. I had really let my relationship with God, my appearance, my thoughts, my feelings, and my hobbies go to the wayside. It was time for a huge change.

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The first thing I did was change my routine. Every morning I started with worship music and ended with reading a scripture. No matter how tired I felt I had to push through and give God his time. I already prayed every night but, I knew I would still need to do more. This was something only God could change.

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With that mindset I changed how I viewed myself and made my overall health and body a priority. In my alone time I would do everything from a pamper routine to educating myself in things that I wanted to accomplish.

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I could Immediately tell a difference in my attitude and my outlook on life. Falling in love with yourself and making yourself a priority truly is liberating.

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I love me. I love my body from head to toe. I love the way I think and how I carry myself. I love who I am and who I’m becoming.

I love my goofy side. I love my entrepreneurial side. I love my manager side. I love my loving side. I love my fashion side. I love my servant side.

I love the God in me. I love the faith in me. I love the spirit in me. I love the dreamer in me. I love the leader in me.

I need whoever reads this to make me a huge promise. I need you to promise me that you will always love who you are no matter what season of life you are in. We all have room for growth but, do not let what you are dissatisfied with within yourself rob you of the freedom to be you.

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