10 Things To Do While In Quarantine – Unconventional Styles Blog

Welcome back fashion lovers,

I know that the longer we deal with quarantine and stay at home orders. The more it seems like we run out of things to do. Well, here are 10 things that may help you be a better steward of your time during this pandemic.

1. Read
Now is the time to finish those Bible reading plans you started. That book you bought 3 months ago, go outside in that hammock and read until your book loving soul is filled.

2. Organize
Before this pandemic, life was on a whirlwind so that closet that really needed to be organized never got the time and attention it needed. Now, is the time to colorize the wardrobe, go through and do a closet detox, organize your shoes by style, etc. If it isn`t the closet, then maybe its the pantry. Whatever needs to organized in your home now is the time to tackle it.

3. Create
This is a great time for all content creators. We now have time to create more content then ever. Edit that video, write that blog post, record that podcast, or just start. If you are a business owner that makes hand made products, go back into the lab and fulfill those orders and come up with new products.

4. Learn
Some of you may have wanted to learn a new skill or enroll in school. This is the perfect time to take in all the knowledge you can in reference to your field of interest. There is no such thing as too much knowledge. Hosea 4:6 says “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…..” Never miss the opportunity to be educated.

5. Practice
We often hear the phrase “Practice Makes Perfect”. With all this free time we have its time to brush up on the gifts and talents we have strayed away from. Pick up that guitar and start practicing again. Pick up that pen and start writing again. Practice until your craft is perfected, practice making that hair care recipe until the results come out to your level of approval.

6. Decorate
Use this time to refresh your home decor. Maybe you are not feeling inspired because the decor around you is old and dated. Take this time to use decor to bring your home back to life.

7. Exercise
Again, this is something many of us let fall by the wayside before the quarantine because we were on the move constantly. With all the beautiful days outside you can go for walks or if you like indoor workouts you can search some amazing indoor workouts online. Its important to keep moving and keep our body in shape.

8. Plan
If you are a business owner you can use this time to plan some upcoming projects. If you are a content creator you can use this time to plan new content. If you are a writer you can use this time to plan the outline of your new book. Whatever your occupation or area of work use this time to plan some amazing projects that will be beneficial to you and your customers, audience, or clients.

9. Work
This is not the time to be lazy but, it is time to go even harder. For those of us who are still able to work remember to remain 100% present within your role at your job. For those of us who are dealing with layoffs and furlough, find something to work on to keep your work ethic strong.

10. Cook
Even though most restaurants are still open and delivery and curbside pickup is still available, we want to stay healthy as possible. Before the pandemic, I used the excuse of not having time to meal prep but, now that excuse won`t work. Meal prepping can be great for being healthy and saving money. You can also use this time to bond with family by cooking meals together.

What are some ways you have stayed busy and productive during Covid 19?


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